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Welcome to My Big Fat Gay Latino Podcast

Host Jesse Garcia standing in front of the U.S. Capitol.

We'll discuss politics, culture and art. Get ready for some awesome storytelling and history, from a LGBT Latino point of view. 

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Episode 58: Dr. Erik Rodriquez Talks About The Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Their Big Tobacco Ties


Leading expert on tobacco use among Latinos, Dr. Erik Rodriquez, talks about the health concerns surrounding e-cigarettes and the lingering threat of tobacco in our community. He will give us insight on addiction and resources to learn how to quit.  Listen now.

Episode 59: Jessica Loya of GreenLatinos — Fighting For Your Future


Civil rights, environmental justice, and health equity laws. This is the framework that guides GreenLatinos National Policy Director Jessica Loya in her ongoing battle for the environment. Learn how she works hard each day to ensure Latinos are included in the conversation for a better tomorrow. Listen now.