Queer, Brown and Unapologetic

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City

Adapting Services During COVID-19


Episode 73: Meet the Lone Star State's Progressive Warrior: State Representative Jessica Gonzalez. She is making waves in order to spotlight her community's issues and inspiring young activists to lead. Her advice? Don't wait. Run for office. Be authentic. . Listen now.

Adapting Services During COVID-19

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City

Adapting Services During COVID-19


Episode 72: La Clinica Del Pueblo’s Manuel Diaz-Ramirez talks about his nonprofit taking on new technologies to adapt to life under Coronavirus. Keeping Latinx immigrants healthy during the pandemic is still a priority.  Listen now.

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City


Episode 71: After years of organizing the Queer Latinx Community in Texas, Jesus Chairez packed his bags and headed to Mexico City to immerse himself in culture and art. Learn how life is like South of the Border in the time of Coronavirus. Listen now. 

Surviving Coronavirus

Rebuilding the Economy

Living Your Best Life in Mexico City


Episode 70: Health Care Worker JP Cano talks about battling the Coronavirus at home and in the public as the Prevention Services Manager at the Resource Center in Dallas, Texas. Listen now.

Rebuilding the Economy

Rebuilding the Economy

Rebuilding the Economy


Episode 69: Meet Juan Jara, Chairman of the Board of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He’ll talk about preparing small businesses for life after the Coronavirus and why it’s important for businesses to join their local chambers in order to access resources to help build their brand. Listen now. 


Rebuilding the Economy

Rebuilding the Economy


Episode 68: Capt. Christopher Reyes talks about how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, what to do if you show symptoms, and where to go to get the latest information. Listen now.

Latinos For A Secured Retirement

Latinos For A Secured Retirement

Latinos For A Secured Retirement


Episode 67: Latinos for a Secured Retirement Executive Director Abigail Zapote talks about laws affecting your ability to retire with enough benefits, how you should be preparing for your golden years, and how proposed legislation will help queer spouses claim benefits owed to them. Listen now

Latino Outdoors

Latinos For A Secured Retirement

Latinos For A Secured Retirement


Episode 66: As we prepare for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the Latinx community seeks ways to commemorate the occasion by visiting parks and cleaning up the environment. Albert Arevalo of Latino Outdoors shares  

ways you can contribute and enjoy our country’s parks, along with responsibilities we all have when visiting them. Listen now.

Earth Justice

Latinos For A Secured Retirement

Center for American Progress


Episode 65: Luis Nasvytis Torres is a Senior Legislative Representative at Earth Justice, which works to promote access to clean, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy sources to mitigate the effects of climate change, create jobs, and improve the health of communities. Listen now. 

Center for American Progress

Center for American Progress

Center for American Progress


Episode 64: Sharita Gruberg, director of policy for the LGBTQ Research and Communications Project at American Progress, talks about issues facing Queer immigrant detainees, asylum seekers and DACA recipients. Listen now.



July-December 2019

Episode 63: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient Julio Acevedo talks about the program that has benefited him for eight years, the struggle to keep his DACA status, and how a pending Supreme Court ruling will either continue his American Dream or force him back in the closet. Listen now. 

Episode 62: Health Policy Senior Strategist Alberto Gonzalez of Unidos US, the nation’s largest Latino nonprofit advocacy organization, talks about Latino access to Health Care and the upcoming deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Listen now.

Episode 61: Ale Tristan's dream is coming true. She has been selected to represent the United States at the Miss Trans Star International Beauty Pageant. Ale shares how she’s preparing for the big event in Barcelona, Spain, where she will compete with 30 other contestants to bring the crown home. Listen now. 

Episode 60: Voto Latino Social Media Director Norberto Briceño talks about creating a space for the Latinx community that is both relatable and authentic in today’s politics. Listen now.

Episode 59: Civil rights, environmental justice, and health equity laws. This is the framework that guides GreenLatinos National Policy Director Jessica Loya in her ongoing battle for the environment. Learn how she works hard each day to ensure Latinos are included in the conversation for a better tomorrow. Listen now. 

Episode 58: Leading expert on tobacco use among Latinos, Dr. Erik Rodriquez, talks about the health concerns surrounding e-cigarettes and the lingering threat of tobacco in our community. He will give us insight on addiction and resources to learn how to quit.  Listen now.

Episode 57: Latinx members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence talk about bringing joy and getting rid of stigma in the Queer community. As soon as the Sister-Face comes on, these mild manner folks become super heroes rescuing souls and uplifting vulnerable populations. Listen now. 

Episode 56: CHSA's Dayanara Ramirez shares her journey and talks about her important roles on Capitol Hill -- serving as a Communications Director for a Congress Member and preparing the next generation of Latinx leaders. Listen now.

Episode 55: Performer Alejandro Góngora shares his love of Ballet Folklorico, how the art form helped him as a kid, and how he is proudly bringing traditional Mexican dances to our nation's capital. Listen now

Episode 54: Meet the George Washington University Professor keeping our Latinx culture alive—inside and outside the classroom—ensuring that underrepresented segments within our culture are studied, celebrated and passed on to new generations. Listen now.

Episode 53: Meet the brave Latino who stepped up 30 years ago to fight HIV/AIDS and homophobia in his rural community--and saved so many queer youth in the process--Oscar Raul Lopez. Listen now. 

January - June 2019

Episode 52: Community Education Specialist Anna Maria Castillo of Donate Life talks about the need for organ donors in this country, the myths surrounding organ donations, and where you can sign up today to give the gift of life. And yes, queer people can donate! Listen now.

Episode 51: Meet the voice of a new generation: Gabriel Acevero, a Community Organizer turned Elected Official who comes from the Immigrant, LGBTQ, African American, Latinx and Working Class Community. Ready to be inspired? Listen now. 

Episode 50: Multitalented Season One RuPaul’s Drag Race Legend Jade Sotomayor visits the podcast and shares how Drag changed her life, the special sisterhood of RPDR alumni, and how the art of drag is transforming the lives of young children who are discovering their own identities. Listen now.

Episode 49: My mentor, life coach, and fairy godmother Patricia Mancha visits the podcast to talk about being a good hag to gay men, plus she shares her personal story about fighting breast cancer and winning! Listen now.

Episode 48: TV Celebrity Gaby Natale talks about her award winning career in entertainment, her entrepreneurial spirit, and how she uses her platform to help the LGBTQ community. Listen now.

Episode 47: Public safety, balancing budgets, promoting a city and international relations with Mexico, all while working as a full-time flight attendant. No worries. Mayor Bruno Lozano has it all under control. Meet the politician that’s winning the hearts and minds of rural voters in Southwest Texas. Listen now.

Episode 46: Diego Quezada and Travis Brookes of Rethinking Masculinity challenge us to confront misogynistic attitudes and behavior in everyday life. Listen now. 

Episode 45: The Human Rights Campaign’s Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof and Arizona State Manager Justin Unga talk about the Equality Act, major legislation that will protect the rights of LGBTQ citizens, ranging from housing, employment, education to federal funding, public accommodation, and the jury system. Listen now.

Episode 44: A Trans Latinx service member talks about his military career and the threat he faces over President Donald Trump's support for a ban on transgender military service members. Listen now. 

Episode 43: Director of Latino Leadership and Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America Bridgette Gomez talks about her unique position and why Reproductive Rights are important to the Latinx and Queer Community. Listen now.

Episode 42: United We Dream's Deputy Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas talks about the recent Supreme Court decision affecting DACA recipients, her organization's 2019 goals, and about her journey in becoming an activist. Listen now.

Episode 41: Ready to become your own boss? Get your small business advice from Entrepreneur Manny Cosme, a successful businessman from the LGBTQ Latinx community. He shares what to do and what not to do when it comes to starting your own business. Listen now.

Episode 40: Meet the new director of Creating Change: Andy Garcia of the National LGBTQ Task Force. We talk about this year's conference in Detroit, Michigan, which expects 3,500 LGBTQ activists from across the nation. Listen now.

Episode 39: Media Trailblazer Candy Cintron, program director of the biggest Spanish Radio Station in Washington DC — El Zol 107.9 FM — talks about the radio industry, her work on behalf of the LGBTQ and Latinx Community, and major artists she has worked with in her decade-long career. Listen now.



January - December 2018

Episode 38: The Washington Blade's International News Editor Michael K. Lavers talks about the year's top stories from the LGBTQ Community throughout Latin America, plus what to expect in 2019. Listen now.

Episode 37: Mark Lee of the Human Rights Campaign talks about new reports recently issued by HRC: the Latinx LGBTQ Youth Report and the Latinx Coming Out Resource Guide. Listen now.

Episode 36: A humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico Border has brought out the best in people along the Southwest. Elias Cantu and Summer Joy Gonzales are working nonstop to help feed, clothe and provide medical assistance to Asylum Seekers from Africa, Asia and Latin American who are fleeing violence and poverty. Listen now.

Episode 35:  Meet the boy from Cuidad Juarez who grew up to become a Scientist, fighting to save our world from climate change. Jorge Ramos talks about the Blue Carbon Initiative, climate refugees, and more. Listen now.

Episode 34: The Hispanic Federation's David Perez talks about working in the Latinx community, helping individuals and institutions access important resources for success. Plus he talks about his advocacy in the LGBTQ Community. Listen now.

Episode 33: Meet the newest face on the cable news talk show circuit: Democratic Strategist Raul M. Alvillar. He shares his journey from rural New Mexico to inside the White House -- changing the lives of LGBTQ people and the Latinx community along the way.  Listen now

Episode 32: While politicians skirt the issue, Generation Progress is talking about affordable higher education, the student loan debt crisis, and holding student debt profiteers accountable. Senya Merchant and Christian Umbria Smith walk us through their Higher Ed/Not Debt Initiative to help current and former college students. Listen now. 

Episode 31: Ready to serve abroad? Peace Corps is hiring throughout Latin America and across the planet. Volunteer Joshua Alvarez talks about his work in Costa Rica and navigating personal relationships in his village while being out in a machismo culture. Listen now. 

Episode 30: Lisbeth Melendez Rivera talks about being a part of an LGBTQ response group Waves Ahead which has rebuilt homes in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Her group is providing aid to the most marginalized populations on the island, which include the LGBTQ community. Listen now.

Episode 29: Transgender Activist and Community Leader Bamby Salcedo shares her journey from an undocumented immigrant to an international social justice advocate fighting against oppression and transphobia at all levels of society. Listen now.

Episode 28: Bianca Ortiz Wertheim, the only Latina serving as a Chief of Staff in the U.S. Senate, talks to the podcast about working in politics, the immigration reform fight, preventing sexual harassment on the Hill, and the best food to try when visiting her home state of New Mexico. Listen now.

Episode 27: Jesse Garcia shares his short story “The Little Charro,” about growing up in South Texas and gender bending in the Latino Community long before it was safe or accepted. Listen now.

Episode 26: Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Volunteer Andy Sampson talks about his organization, how the nonprofit has served as the first contact for many families dealing with the coming out process, and how the organization is adapting to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking families. Listen now.

Episode 25: Meet the Latina in charge of making the National Museum of the American Latino a reality: Francella Chinchilla. Learn about the process and progress to bring Latino History to the National Mall alongside other Smithsonian Institute Museums. Listen now. 

Episode 24: Immigration Attorney Cameron Chong breaks down the process for green card holders to become U.S. citizens and shares the common issues LGBTQ immigrants face during the naturalization process. Listen now. 

Episode 23: Ruben Gonzales from the Victory Institute talks about recruiting and training the next generation of LGBTQ leaders to run for office. We’ll talk about what type of leaders his organization is looking for and the qualities of successful political candidates. Listen now.

Episode 22: Financial Advisor Joe Bautista shares a basic knowledge of saving for retirement. The former Marine shares his journey to financial independence and writing his book “More You Know, More You Grow,” which encourages readers to keep learning each day to improve their quality of life. Listen now.

Episode 21: Civil Rights Attorney Paul D. Castillo talks about his work with Lambda Legal, his part in making Marriage Equality the law of the land, his current work with Transgender students, and his advice for future lawyers. Listen now.

Episode 20: Latinx and LGBTQ homeless youth are turning to the Latin American Youth Center for assistance and are finding hope with Program Manager Angela Gonzalez, who is finding them homes and ways to reconnect them with their families. Listen now.

Episode 19: From Honduras to the Obama White House: Raffi Freedman-Gurspan talks to The Jesse Garcia Show about her political career that took her from the Massachusetts State House to the White House — serving as the first Transgender staffer. We will also learn about her important work with the National Center for Transgender Equality. Listen now.

Episode 18: Gay Latino Jack Harrison Quintana leads the social justice arm of Grindr, the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. We talk about how the app connects communities differently throughout the world and how he uses Grindr’s technology to promote sexual health and social justice. Listen now.

Episode 17: Iraq War Veteran Gina Ortiz Jones talks about her Congressional run, the needs of her future district which makes up 40 percent of the U.S/Mexico border, and the history she'll make being the first LGBT woman of color elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Listen now.

Episode 16: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Jazmin Garcia. CHCI's Jazmin Garcia talks about programs that open doors for Latinx students to come get an experience of a lifetime in Washington DC.  Listen now.

Episode 15: DC Gay Legend and Latino GLBT History Founder Jose Gutierrez talks about his work as a public health worker during the AIDS epidemic, his advocacy for the LGBT Latinx community, and being an LGBT Historian in his silver years. Listen now.

Episode 14: National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials President Pauline Medrano talks about empowering the next generation of leaders, preparing the community for the 2020 Census, and running for political office. Listen now.

Episode 13: PrEP Navigator Luis Felipe Cebas. Learn about the pill that prevents HIV infection. Whitman Walker Clinic's Luis Felipe Cebas talks about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Listen now.

Episode 12: Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez. Meet the latest Progressive Voice at Dallas City Hall, Omar Narvaez. We'll talk about his District, making the leap from activist to politician, and where to find the best tacos in Dallas! Listen now.

Episode 11: Gays Against Guns - Aaron Overman. Gays Against Guns’ Aaron Overman visits the podcast to talk about the LGBTQ community’s direct action response to gun violence. Listen now. 

Episode 10: 2018 Elections with Nathan Gonzales of Inside Elections

Political Analyst Nathan Gonzales discusses the 2018 elections, what analysts got wrong in 2016, and the 2020 Presidential Latino candidate he calls "refreshing." Listen now.

Episode 9: La Historia - Ranald Woodaman, Smithsonian Latino Center

Exhibitions and Public Programs Director Ranald Woodaman talks about upcoming programs, history of the center, and museum recommendations for your DC trip this summer! Listen now.

Episode 8: La Promotora - Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Latina Institute. Gonzalez-Rojas visits the podcast to talk about building Latina power to guarantee the fundamental human right to reproductive health, dignity and justice. Listen now.

Episode 7: El Estado Nuevo - U.S. Representative (Shadow) Franklin Garcia. Washington DC's Shadow U.S. Representative Franklin Garcia talks about the need for DC statehood. Are you ready for the 51st State of New Columbia? Listen now.

Episode 6: El Reportero - Alberto Mendoza, National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Mendoza visits the podcast to discuss the lack of Hispanic reporters in our nation's newsrooms, the concerns of Hispanic Journalists, and Honor41.org, a nonprofit he launched to recognize LGBTQ Hispanic role models. Listen now.

Episode 5: La Diva - Confessions of a Gay Flight Attendant - Alejandro Contreras. Meet the Diva that rules 35,000 feet up in the sky. Contreras talks about being a flight attendant, battling homophobia, bad passenger habits, and that pesky turbulence. Learn about a career that will see tremendous growth in the next decade. Are you ready for adventure? Buckle up! Listen now.  

Episode 4: La Poderosa - Activist Alexa Rodriguez. DC Community Leader Alexa Rodriguez visits the podcast to talk about the 2018 Creating Change Conference. She will also share her journey as an HIV+ Transgender Immigrant working for equality. Listen now.

Episode 3: El Movimiento - League of United Latin American Citizens' Brent Wilkes. LULAC, the oldest and largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, visit the podcast. The group's chief executive officer, Brent Wilkes, talks about the 2018 agenda and issues important to Latino families. Listen now. 



December 2017

Episode 2: El Valiente - Daniel Hernandez, Jr. Rising political star Daniel Hernandez Jr. talks about seeking office, the importance of family, and advocating for gun violence prevention. Listen now. 

Episode 1: La Tamalada - Alberto Flores, El Tamalero. Learn about the history of tamales, family traditions, and how Gay Latinos in D.C. came up with a Tamalada to save the day. Listen now.