Jesse Garcia

Boy From the Border

I’ve worked in media for the last 20 years. From starting out as a reporter for my high school newspaper, to working in public relations right out of college, to volunteering for public radio and launching The Jesse Garcia Show (2010-2011), I spotlighted the stories and promote the issues that connect with people. 

My personal journey began on the Texas-Mexico border. I was born and raised in Brownsville, and I went to college in San Antonio where I earned degrees in communications at Our Lady of the Lake University (BA 1992) and St. Mary's University (MA 1996). My career in public service has allowed me to work in human services, international development, and national defense. In my spare time, I have organized in the LGBT and Hispanic community and advocated for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, gender equality and reproductive rights.  Along the way, I have met some interesting people who I want to bring on this show to discuss ways to make our society better, to share our culture, and above all else, connect you to resources.

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