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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The United States has 11 million people living in the shadows. These families are our neighbors who helped this economy recover from the Great Recession. We cannot turn our backs on them.

LGBT Equal Rights

With conservatives running Washington, D.C., advances made under the Obama Administration are under attack. We cannot go back to second-class citizens.

Gender Equality

Women's reproductive rights, violence against women, sexual harassment, and equal pay will be discussed. Or else I will hear it from my mother, Lupita.

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Transgender Rights


Episode 19: Raffi Freedman-Gurspan talks to The Jesse Garcia Show about her political career that took her from the Massachusetts State House to the White House — serving as the first Transgender staffer. We will also learn about her important work with the National Center for Transgender Equality. Listen now.

Puerto Rico


Episode 30: Lisbeth Melendez Rivera talks about being a part of an LGBTQ response group Waves Ahead which has rebuilt homes in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Listen now.

Climate Change


 Episode 35:  Meet the boy from Cuidad Juarez who grew up to become a Scientist, fighting to save our world from climate change. Jorge Ramos talks about the Blue Carbon Initiative, climate refugees, and more. Listen now.

Asylum Seekers


Episode 36: A humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico Border has brought out the best in people. Elias Cantu and Summer Joy Gonzales are working to help feed, clothe and provide medicine to Asylum Seekers. Listen now.

Undocumented Youth


Episode 42: United We Dream's Deputy Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas talks about the recent Supreme Court decision affecting DACA recipients, her organization's 2019 goals, and about her journey in becoming an activist. Listen now.

Reproductive Rights


Episode 43: Director of Latino Leadership and Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America Bridgette Gomez talks about her unique position and why Reproductive Rights are important to the Latinx and Queer Community. Listen now.