The Jesse Garcia Show

Storytellers, Poets, Actors and More


Hear the stories of growing up Latino and LGBT, while navigating through machismo and sometimes English-only spaces. We're going to invite powerful storytellers to share their stories.


Drag Queens, Filmmakers, Recording Artists, Painters, Photographers, Dancers, and More! 

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The Art of Drag


Episode 50: Multitalented Season One RuPaul’s Drag Race Legend Jade Sotomayor visits the podcast and shares how Drag changed her life, the special sisterhood of RPDR alumni, and how the art of drag is transforming the lives of young children who are discovering their own identities. Listen now.

The Little Charro


Episode 27: Jesse Garcia shares his short story “The Little Charro,” about growing up in South Texas and gender bending in the Latino Community long before it was safe or accepted. Listen no

National American Latino Museum


Episode 25: Meet the Latina in charge of making the National Museum of the American Latino a reality: Francella Chinchilla. Learn about the process to bring Latino History to the National Mall. Listen now. 

Queer Brown Voices


Episode 15: DC Gay Legend and Latino GLBT History Founder Jose Gutierrez talks about his work as a public health worker during the AIDS epidemic, his advocacy for the LGBT Latinx community, and being an LGBT Historian in his silver years. Listen now.

Smithsonian Latino Center


Episode 9: La Historia - Ranald Woodaman, Smithsonian Latino Center

Exhibitions and Public Programs Director. Ranald Woodaman talks about upcoming programs, history of the center, and museum recommendations for your DC trip this summer! Listen now.

Honor 41


Episode 6: El Reportero - Alberto Mendoza, National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Mendoza visits the podcast to discuss the lack of Hispanic reporters in our nation's newsrooms, the concerns of Hispanic Journalists, and, a nonprofit he launched to recognize LGBTQ Hispanic role models. Listen now.